Energy Efficiency

Residential Weatherization

What is Weatherization? The Weatherization Assistance Program is the nation's largest residential energy efficiency program.

Very simply, weatherization improves heating and cooling efficiency and energy savings by ensuring your home holds heat and air conditions while keeping hot and cold air out.  At no charge to the client, income-eligible families receive a comprehensive home energy audit which is an assessment of the entire home. Our certified energy auditor will search the entire home, inside and out, looking for inefficiencies and safety concerns using advanced equipment and techniques. The energy audit will identify a customized account of areas for cost-effective improvements. The improvements will be provided free of charge by our network of professional crews and contractors.

How Do I Apply?

Download our application below or call our offices at   316-262-7035

You may also submit applications or questions to:

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Services may include

  • weatherstripping

  • caulking, around doors and windows

  • cleaning, testing, repairs or replacement of appliances, heating and/or cooling systems

  • adding insulation to walls, ceilings, and foundations

  • infiltration reduction

  • lighting and ventilation upgrades

Who is eligible?

Eligibility is based on household income

relative to federal low-income guidelines.


If a household contains a member who

receives Supplemental Security Income

(SSI), Temporary Assistance for Needy

Families (TANF) benefits or utility

assistance from the Low Income Energy

Association Program (LIEAP), the household

is automatically considered eligible for

weatherization services.

Counties Served by Kansas Weatherization Assistance Program

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North Central Regional Planning Commission
PHONE: (800) 432 - 0303

Community Action Inc.
PHONE: (785) 836-4500 
(Light Blue)

East Central Kansas Economic Opportunity Corporation
PHONE: (888) 833-0832