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One of the unique opportunities we have at SCKEDD is to help rebuild, restore, and reignite communities.

Whether helping cities and county governments update low-income housing to helping create solutions for emergency fixes to building playgrounds and senior centers, our programs improve quality of life.

The grants listed here are not for individuals, but for cities that we serve in the following Kansas counties:

Individual grants for weatherization assistance can be found here.

Click HERE to download the Request for Proposal Document!

SCKEDD Grant Programs

Check out our Grant Programs below to find out which best suits you!

Grant team by the numbers chart.png

Meet the Team

Bill Lampe

CDBG Program Manager

Gloria McDowell

Grants Team Lead

Michelle Kelly

Grant Writer/Administrator

Bill Lampe.png
Michelle Kelly.jpg
Elizabeth Lawless.jpg
Micah R.jpg

Elizabeth Lawless

Micah Rehmert

Grant Administrative Assistant

Community Development Coordinator

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