Success Stories

BrightStar Discovery Center LLC

November 7, 2016 11:44:15am

Tiffany McLaughlin and Pepper Stephey, after working in the school system for many years, decided that they wanted to open their own child care center. They found that in Newton, there is a lack of sufficient child care services in the area. They decided to start BrightStar Discovery Center LLC at 208 N. Meridian, in Newton, in order to offer a learning center for children, not just a babysitting service. Their programs will help children be engaged in learning and play throughout the day, and offer fresh, healthy meals. As their business was a start-up, it was difficult to find traditional financing for the business. SCKEDD was able to provide financing for furniture/fixtures and working capital through its RMAP program, and help them obtain the remaining financing from NetWork Kansas’ StartUp Kansas program, which helped cover improvement costs.