Success Stories

Benton Greenhouse

October 20, 2015 2:31:45pm

Jennifer Gronau approached SCKEDD after being referred by the Quest Center for financing to purchase a family-owned business that has operated in Reno and Harvey counties for over 69 years, Benton Greenhouse. Benton Greenhouse provides wholesale superior quality indoor foliage plants to 26 independent florists and floral departments in central Kansas, including Leekers in Wichita and Kroger in Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri. Jennifer has worked at the greenhouse since 2009 and while there she learned all about the operations of the business. When the owner decided she wanted to sell, Jennifer and her husband, Steven decided to purchase the business. SCKEDD was able to assist with the purchase by providing funding through the IRP, RLF, RBDTC and Microloan Program. SCKEDD was able to partner with the Quest Center to provide the matching funds for their Reno County E-Community program also. With the funding not only was she able to purchase the business but it also provided funding for inventory and working capital needed for operations. Phone: (620) 662-5591