Community Improvement (CDBG)

All incorporated cities or counties in Kansas that do not receive an annual Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) entitlement allocation from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are eligible to apply to the Kansas CDBG Program.

Community Improvement Projects

  • 1.) Must be a benefit to low- and moderate-income households.
  • 2.) Must work toward the elimination of slums and blight.
  • 3.) Must work toward the elimination of urgent threats to health and safety.
  • Only Kansas cities and counties may apply.
  • Grants are generally capped at $2,000 per beneficiary.
  • While dollar-for-dollar match is encouraged in the Community Facilities and Water/Sewer categories, match is less important or provided through alternative means with Housing and KAN STEP.
  • Comprehensive Development has significant match requirements.
  • While many activities are eligible, CDBG funds are not amenable to new housing development, city halls, or police stations. These funds are often used for water or sewer improvements, fire stations, senior centers, housing rehabilitation, etc.
  • Housing, Community Facilities, and Water/Sewer applications are due each fall.
  • Urgent Need and KAN STEP have rolling application periods

These housing rehabilitation funds are awarded to local units of government (cities and counties) and the maximum amount awarded is $400,000.00. Homeowner and rental properties must be brought up to code using these grants. Up to $20,000.00 per unit may be used for rehabilitation. Target areas are encouraged.

Grants are available in five categories:

  • Housing: Housing Rehabilitation for Low Income Areas ($400,000)
  • Community Facilities: Senior Citizen Center, Mental Health Facilities, etc. ($400,000 max.)
  • Water/Sewer: Improvements to water or sewer lines or facilities ($400,000 max.)
  • Urgent Need: Broken lines or other immediate hazards ($400,000 max.)
  • KAN STEP: Helping with water, sewer, or public building problem areas ($400,000 max.)

For More Information

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